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PEXGOL NRG Piping Solutions

Modern energy challenges demand modern solutions. For this reason, Pex Industrial Piping Solutions uses the PE-Xa Carrier Pipe, a tool designed for reliable energy transfer in medium and low temperature systems. This Pexgol™ pipe is ideal for:

  • DE Systems
  • CHP Systems
  • BioEnergy
  • Potable Water Distribution Systems, and more

Pex Industrial trusts in PEXGOL NRG for optimized energy transfer systems. The PE-Xa Carrier Pipe offers a low-cost solution with intuitive and innovative features. Installation and operation are made easy thanks to flexibility and corrosion resistance that no other pipe can match. PEXGOL NRG systems combine streamlined pre-insulating methods with advanced pipe, fitting and connection techniques that are unique to Pexgol™.

We distribute these pipes because they’re designed to reduce maintenance downtime, boost operational productivity and save you money.

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