Transportation of Pexgol Pipes

An outstanding feature of the Pexgol pipe is its flexibility, due to the cross-linked structure. This structure enables the pipe to return to its original diameter after de-coiling. As a result, Golan is able to supply longer lengths of pipe, compared to other suppliers and types of pipes. Pexgol pipes can be shipped in coils, coils with cores and straight sections.

These tables provide the maximum lengths which can be shipped in various containers. More details can be found next pages.

1. Transportation of Pexgol pipes in coils

Pexgol pipes of diameters from 40 to 280 mm are available in coils for shipping in coils. From 40 mm to 160 mm can be fitted on 20’ and 40’, 20’ and 40’ OT, and 40’HC containers. From diameters of 180 up to 280 mm, on containers of 20’ and 40’ OT.

Table No. 106.1: Transportation in coils for pipes of 40 mm to 160 mm

table 106.1

table 106.1 part 2


Table No. 107.1:
Transportation in coils for pipes of 180 mm to 280 mm

table 107.1


page 107 1


page 107 2


Table No. 108.1:
Coils dimensions for transporting

table 108.1


2. Transportation of Pexgol pipes with coils with cores

Pexgol pipes of diameters 315 mm are available in special coils with cores up to 120 meters depending on the class.

table coils


page 109

3. Transportation of Pexgol pipe in straight Sections

Pexgol pipes in larger diameters from 315 mm up to 710 mm with plain ends can be ordered in straight bars a maximum length of 11.8 m each (to fit into standard 40 ft containers).

Table No. 109.1: Pipes in straight sections on 40’ OT and 40’ HC containers

table 109.1



table 109.1 part 2


4. Transportation with drums

Pexgol pipes of diameters from 280 mm to 450 mm are available in drums. This transportation method it’s only available on special circumstances and from Golan Plastic factory in Chile. Please consult us.

table drum transportation

* Weight limitations dictate using less than 3 full drums.

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