Dewatering lines

Pexgol pipes are a good solution for dewatering lines. They can be supplied in any required pressure class in long continuous lengths and can be dragged on the ground to their final location.

Pexgol pipes are easily installed as they do not require anchoring along the line, since the pump is not suspended on the pipe and the weight of the pump and water column are not carried by the pipe.

The end fittings should be protected by a pullout prevention technique, such as fixpoints. Fittings along the line should be protected by a floating fixpoint device like our fixpoint bridge.

Riser Mains for Boreholes

Pexgol pipes are used to pump water in boreholes up to 300 meters dynamic water level. The pipes are supplied with special borehole fittings.

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Pexgol Solutions for Industrial Applications

With their excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals and abrasion, Pexgol pipes are ideal conduits for a wide range of industrial applications.

Pexgol pipes offer a successful, cost-effective solution where conventional pipes would be unsatisfactory for conveying slurries due to their poor abrasion resistance or because of vulnerability to chemicals.

Industrial installation examples: 

  1. Flared end connector with a loose flange
  2. 90-1.5D elbow with two flared ends and two loose flanges
  3. Special Pex-lined fitting (equal Tee with a reducer)
  4. Pipe spool with one flared end & a loose flange
  5. Flanged coupling (used for “field welding” adjustment)
  6. 90-3 D elbow with two flared ends and two loose flanges
  7. Pipe spool with two flared ends & two loose flanges
  8. Stainless steel branch-off saddle with 2” flanged outlet
  9. Standard Pex-lined lateral Tee
  10. Long spool with a natural bend & a flared end connector with a loose flange
  11. Standard Pex-lined 1.5D elbow
  12. Standard Pex-lined concentric reducer
  13. Pipe spool with one flared end & a loose flange
  14. Electrofusion coupling
  15. 90-3 D elbow with two flared ends and two loose flanges

Industrial applications of Pexgol pipes include transporting slurries, gypsum, sand, salt, phosphates, silts, potash, and various chemicals and industrial wastes.

A list of projects is available from our sales department or on the Pexgol website.

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Pexgol Solutions for Infrastructure Applications

Golan Plastic supplies complete pipe systems for municipal services and industrial use. Contractor training is provided by Golan.

Pexgol cold water supply installation guide

Complete water supply systems and industrial pipelines can be created by combining Pexgol pipes with electrofusion fittings. The Installation guide and the electrofusion welding instructions can be downloaded from the Pexgol website.

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Pexgol lines for very low ambient temperatures

Specially designed pre-insulated Pexgol pipes can be installed above ground in very low ambient temperatures. Pexgol pre-insulated pipes are suitable for industrial and infrastructure applications.

Pexgol fire extinguishing lines

Golan Plastic provides a complete solution with electrofusion fittings and its own special hydrant outlets. The pipes are UL approved.

Hydrant outlets

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Natural gas pipes

Pexgol natural gas pipelines can be designed based on ISO14531 Pexgol pipes for gaseous fluids, or the Australian standard: AS 2492.

The main advantages of Pexgol pipes for this application:

  • Maximum service temperature: 60°C
  • Minimum service temperature: -50°C
  • No sand bedding is needed.

Pexgol natural gas pipes are usually connected by electrofusion fittings.


Pexgol Pre-insulated Pipes for District Heating & Industrial Applications

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The following table describes some of the Pexgol pre-insulated pipes that Golan supplies. The inner pipe is made of PE-Xa (cross-linked polyethylene) material. The pipe can be EVOH coated in red, yellow, or other colors.

Alternatively, it can be supplied as a black pipe (UV resistant). The inner pipe can be single, a double-pipe combination, or a four-pipe combination (up to 63 mm), according to requirements.

The external corrugated layer is made of UV resistant black material. In cases of above-ground installation in extremely low ambient temperatures, the external corrugated layer can be made of Pex material.

The pipes are supplied with a heat–tracing element on special request.

Table No. 34.1: Pre-insulated pipes

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 4.02.26 PM

Note: Other sizes available on request.


Pexgol Solutions for Hot and Cold Water

Golan Plastic supplies regular and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating, effectively transporting hot and cold water from central systems to buildings. The pre-insulated pipes maintain heat even under extremely cold ground conditions, and they transport hot and cold water in long, continuous pipelines. Company engineers are available to assist in system design (pipes and fittings).

infrastructure hot water installation

Infrastructure hot water installation example:

  1. Brass saddle
  2. GP bolt connector
  3. Tee female DZR brass
  4. 90 1.5 D Pexgol elbow
  5. Reinforced electrofusion coupler
  6. Special Pex-lined steel fitting
  7. GP flanged coupling
  8. Hela 8047 reducing tee


Hot Water Risers

Pexgol pipes are used for closed-loop and open-loop risers. The pipes are supplied in coils with all the required brass fittings including branch-off saddles, HELA 8047 reducing tees, and more.

Risers system installation example:

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