Flared End Piping Solutions

Flared-end connections can be used for cold and hot media. Special fixpoint clamps should be used before and after the flared ends. The flange material is carbon steel grade A37. Other carbon steel grades or stainless steel grades are also available to order.

Special restraining techniques should be used in subzero temperatures in order to prevent flared ends from being pulled out from the flanges.


Easy and versatile connections

No gasket is required to connect two Pexgol pipes with flared ends and flanges. A Pexgol pipe with a flared end can also be connected to a flanged fitting without a gasket.

Bolts should be tightened evenly around the flange.

If using torque wrenches, follow the recommended values in the table below. Using 75% of the recommended torque values, evenly tighten all the bolts, then tighten the bolts to the final value.

No retorquing is required for Pexgol pipe flared ends.


Pexgol flared ends tightening torque values:

torque valves table