How to Backfill Trenches for Pexgol (PE-Xa) Industrial Pipe

Pexgol (PE-Xa) pipes from all classes do not require compacting or sand embedding.

Pexgol's excellent scratch resistance pipes allows the laying of pipes without sand bedding. If the pipe designer requires sand bedding, fill the trench up to 10 cm above the pipe.

Backfilling the trench with earth from within the trench is allowed (in accordance with ISO 14531, Part 4). If Pexgol (PE-Xa) pipes that are connected with metal fittings are covered with corrosive soil, cover the fittings with sand instead of corrosive soil.

Regardless of trench depth, none of the Pexgol (PE-Xa) pipe classes require compacting.

No protective sleeves are required for installation below roads or pavement. When covering the pipe to prevent ground sinking, compact the soil according to the designer's instructions.

Hot water underground Pexgol (PE-Xa) pipes should be insulated to reduce energy loss.