How to Repair Pexgol (PE-Xa) Pipes

If repairing a small hole (5 cm diameter or less):

  1. Uncover the pipe as far as 2 meter along and 0.5 meters below
  2. Clean soil from the pipe carefully and ensure there are no scratches beyond the area of repair.
  3. Use a Pexgol-supplied repair fitting or a branch-off saddle.


  • If repairing a vertically installed pipeline (e.g. dewatering line), protect the fitting by using a fixpoint bridge.
  • Improper excavation can damage Pexgol pipes.

If replacing a pipe section due to a large hole:

  1. Uncover the pipe as far as 3 meters along and 0.5 meters below.
  2. Cut out the damaged pipe section and replace it with a new section.
  3. Usually, the maximum section length that needs to be replaced is shorter than 1 meter in length.
  4. The following tools will be used to connect the new section:
    • 2 electrofusion repair couplers
    • 4 Pexgol flanged couplings
    • 2 Plasson mechanical couplers (for pipes up to 160mm)


  • Only trained Pexgol technicians are authorized to perform these repairs.
  • Use common squeeze-off techniques to stop water flow.
  • For vertical installation (e.g. dewatering lines), a fixpoint bridge must be used to secure the pipe before cutting the pipe.