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Finding the right material for your plant can be challenging.

Pexgol pipe is the best solution for abrasive materials transportation. It’s made to handle harsh conditions in mineral processing plants thanks to these unique features: 

  • High resistance to wear 
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance 
  • High temperature resistance 
  • Superb internal and external corrosion resistance
  • Low weight
  • Long pipe sections
  • Creep and impact resistance 




Brine solution mining

Recovering dissolved ore—such as lithium, magnesium, and potash—can be a long and arduous process. The successful transportation of brine to your plant depends on the reliability of your pipes, from the orebody all the way to your plant. 

This type of mining can challenge material selection. Highly concentrated brine causes long-term damage to most pipes. If the brine temperatures are low, then simple plastics like HDPE can be used, and have been used successfully. However, when temperatures increase — and especially if oxygen is present—you need tougher pipes to withstand corrosion.

A cost-saving solution 

To avoid capital expenses, and to improve reliability of operations, consider plastic optionsPexgol can operate at temperatures up to 230°F / 110°C. 


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Slurry transportation

The required length of a slurry pipeline is determined by multiple factors, including plant design, process temperature, slurry density and velocity, and plant layout. 

The team at Pex Industrial Piping Solutions understands what’s necessary for efficient and long-lasting slurry pipelines.

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How to Improve Brine Solution Mining

Solution mining with concentrated brines can challenge material selection. To reduce capital expenses and improve operational efficiency, here are some options to consider.

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Potash processing

Potash mining and processing leave an excess of salt as a by-product, wasting energy and resources. Dealing with highly concentrated brines like potash can challenge material selection.

It's not just important have good pipes leading to and from your injection wells. If you’re looking at the whole operation and the life of a plant, it’s crucial to have pregnant liquid lines that won’t corrode or crack. 

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Metal alloy materials are not only very expensive — the labour skill in welding them properly requires a high level of expertisePexgol pipes make installation simpler and reduce the need for maintenance. These pipes also tolerate high-temperature conditions, performing at up to 230°F / 110°C.


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